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Jared Jaskot


I am the owner of our firm and I am originally from Killarney, Florida. I graduated with a philosophy degree from the University of North Florida, and went on to receive my JD from Georgetown Law. From 2002 to 2004, I lived in Canton La Estancia, Moncagua, San Miguel, El Salvador, while in the Peace Corps. I have been practicing law for eleven years, and started my career as a public defender in Baltimore City. After a few years as a criminal defense attorney in private practice, I realized that the majority of my clients needed more help with immigration law than criminal law; because immigrants rarely commit crimes. In my free time, I like to cook, walk my dogs in Patterson Park, read fantasy books, do yoga, and build Legal Chatbots through my other project, YoTengoBot.
Eva C. Cockerham

Eva C. Cockerham


I joined Jaskot Law as a law clerk when this firm was still in its infancy and am now the managing attorney here. In fact, I am the longest standing member of the firm! The most rewarding part of my job has been helping to build the kind of firm that delivers first-class service in a humane and compassionate way to those who need it most. Prior to Jaskot Law, I was an educator in the public school system. During my tenure as an educator, I helped students achieve double digit improvement in their reading skills and was voted teacher of the year by my colleagues. I earned my law degree from the University of Baltimore School of Law where I was given a full scholarship to attend. I also hold a Bachelor’s and two Master’s Degrees from Frostburg State University in Education. When I’m not keeping busy with managing my team here, I am busy volunteering my time to the Maryland State Bar Association’s Immigration Law Council and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.
Ana Zigel

Ana Zigel


I joined Jaskot Law in the summer of 2019 after having been in practice at my own firm, Law Office of Ana C. Zigel for over 33 years. As of now, I have practiced Immigration Law exclusively for the last 37 years in good standing. At Jaskot Law, I am responsible for conducting the majority of the consultations and determining whether a person is eligible for some sort of benefit or relief from the USCIS or the EOIR (Immigration Court). I determine whether we can and will take your case and what the costs will be. You can also see me on Facebook Live with Jared, where we discuss the latest news in immigration! I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and my family moved to Baltimore in 1964. I chose to maintain my Argentine nationality and decided not to naturalize with my family in 1973. During law school, however, I learned about how families can be ripped apart through the deportation process. To prevent my family from ever experiencing this trauma, I prepared my own successful naturalization application and naturalized in 1981. I earned my law degree from the University of Baltimore School of Law in 1983, was admitted to the Maryland Bar in 1984, and have been practicing immigration law ever since. I have been a member of AILA since 1987 and have been quite active holding many positions throughout the years. I have also been published numerous times and I have received many accolades. You can even find me included in awards and recognitions such as Top Lawyer in the Field of Immigration Law by Baltimore Magazine, March 1995 and The Best Lawyers in America from 2009 through the present. My 37 years of practice is a testament to my love for and dedication to the immigrant communities in the United States. I joined Jaskot Law instead of retiring because I know everyone here shares my passion. It is my hope that I can continue to work and be a mentor to our staff with the outcome of us providing the best services possible in legal representation to our clientele.
Luke Frazier

Luke Frazier


I am the son of a Panamanian immigrant mother who fights tenaciously for everyone and everything she cares about and an extremely kind and thoughtful father, who taught me to always be curious about the world around me. My goal when I was in law school was to find a job that allowed me to use my gift of researching and understanding complex issues in order to help people. I have been extremely blessed to have been able to fulfill this goal. I have been practicing humanitarian and family-based immigration law for my entire legal career, starting in December 2015. I have been an attorney with Jaskot Law since January 2019. Being a member of Jaskot Law has been a joy. I love working with a team of exceptionally caring and capable people who do our best every day to help our clients. While I have been an attorney, I have obtained many favorable outcomes for immigrants and their family members in immigration court and before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. I mostly focus on asylum matters and have also been successful in representing immigrants who have been victims of human trafficking, arguing appeals of immigration matters, representing immigrants in lawsuits against the U.S. government, and other complex immigration matters. In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, especially hiking and paddleboarding with my partner, spending time with our two adorable dogs, and sampling delicious cuisines.
Sarah Ochoa

Sarah Ochoa

Executive Director

I first joined Jaskot Law in 2019 as an intake/marketing/business development Jane of all trades. Since then, I’ve held the positions of Office Manager, Operations Director, and now, Executive Director. As Executive Director, I oversee the day to day business operations of the firm, using sales and management best practices along with tech innovation to help our firm grow. My responsibilities include managing the intake team, coordinating with the legal staff, overseeing the billing and payment schedules, and onboarding new clients, just to name a few.

As the daughter of a Cuban refugee, I saw firsthand the struggles that come with leaving one’s home country in search of a better life. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that my passion for helping immigrants and my growth oriented personality would lead me to find another passion; practice management and law firm operations. My career started in insurance sales, where I managed a team of 12 and gained invaluable sales, marketing, and managerial experience. Those experiences combined with my commitment to the mission have allowed me to run the business side of the firm so that our attorneys can focus on helping as many people as they can.

Outside of the firm, my passions for language and culture have led me to become fluent in Russian and soon enough Romanian! I also love to travel around the world in search of new places, experiences, and best of all, food.


Miley Walsh-Mellett


I joined Jaskot Law as a paralegal in 2017; at that time, I was one of two employees who supported the attorneys of the firm in every task imaginable. Since then, the firm has grown immensely, and I have contributed to the development of many of the systems we use to keep our
cases on track as our caseload has grown. I have worked in some capacity on every type of case we handle in my years here, and this has enabled me to amass a wide range of knowledge of various areas of immigration law. It has also allowed me to see many of our clients complete
multi-year processes beginning in immigration court proceedings and ending in permanent residency, which ultimately is the reason we do what we do.

Prior to working in this field, I worked as a line cook in various restaurants and food service settings. During this time I worked to improve my fluency in Spanish, and also worked to organize unions of food service workers at various college cafeterias in the Boston area. Because of these experiences, I came to work in immigration law with a strong understanding of the ways that the US immigration system is based in racism and economic exploitation, and a desire to work against it.

I grew up in Mount Rainier, near Northeast Washington DC, and have lived in Baltimore since 2016. I currently live in Charles Village with my partner, toddler, and cat. After our child was born, I reduced my hours to part-time to stay home with them. When I am not working I enjoy the glamorous life of the mom of a young child; perpetually making snacks and being
sleep deprived.


Diana Teves


I joined Jaskot Law in December of 2019 as a Paralegal. I am a first-generation college student. I graduated from Notre Dame of Maryland University in December 2016 with a Major in Liberal Arts, a minor in Religious Studies, and a minor in Peace and Justice Studies. I come from a family where both of my parents were undocumented Mexican immigrants who came to the United States to give their families better lives.

I am passionate about immigration law because I want to keep families together and give people the opportunity to lead better lives here in the United States. I have had my own family separated by immigration and seen the struggles of friends and relatives to provide for their families as undocumented immigrants. I know I can do something to help the thousands of people who are in the same position and that is why I do what I do. In the future, I hope to become an immigration lawyer myself.


Sergio Irizarry Cruz


As a Paralegal here at Jaskot Law, I focus on U-Visa and Asylum cases and I’m here to ensure our clients receive the best legal services they need. Previously the Legal Assistant of our firm, I bring a unique perspective to the work we do by pushing the team to understand and empathize with clients to make sure their experiences and perspectives contribute towards the strengthening of their case.

I am a graduate of The University of Puerto Rico, where I majored in Political Science. I have a passion for Political and Philosophical Theory and I enjoy reading and playing baseball in my spare time.

Since 2021, the experiences I have had here in our firm have grown my interest to study Law in the future, as I believe immigrants like me constitute the fabric of our country, and the work we do makes a lasting impact on our lives for the better.


Alejandra Mora

Client Liason

I first joined Jaskot Law in 2021 as an Intake Specialist. Hearing the stories of people from all walks of life allowed me to recognize other areas that our clients needed help in, so helping them navigate life in the US is what eventually led me to my current position of Client Liaison. My current role allows me to have a more hands-on approach with clients by sitting down with them, listening to all their questions (even those that aren’t immigration related), and helping them find answers with our attorneys and local community organizations.

My parents and I emigrated from Colombia in 1999, and were undocumented for 10 years so I know first hand the seriousness and anxieties of an immigration case and the joy of becoming a US Citizen. This experience is what led me to becoming a 1st generation college graduate, graduating from Towson University in 2021 and majoring in International Studies. Prior to my time at Jaskot, I worked in property management and office administration, while simultaneously going to college full time. I like to think that my anthropologically led education, combined with my own personal experience as an undocumented immigrant is what fuels my passion for helping our clients. When I’m not in the office, I love to travel to different states and countries in search of new experiences and cuisines.


Paula Hirshorn Cullen

Legal Assistant

I joined Jaskot Law in 2022 as the Legal Assistant. Prior to Jaskot Law, I was an Executive Assistant at the Law office of Sabitiyu Abou in Frederick Maryland, where I was able to develop my passion for helping others even further through immigration law. This passion dates all the way back to Spring 2020, when studying abroad in Spain. While there, I volunteered for a nonprofit called Asociación Claver, where I helped a variety of Spanish immigrants find the proper resources to succeed personally and professionally. I am a graduate of Goucher College, where I majored in Communications with a Spanish minor while also balancing my time with the Varsity Women’s Soccer Team. Go Gophers! When I’m not keeping busy with Jaskot, you can find me hiking through the closest National Parks like Shenandoah, Acadia, and Harper’s Ferry.


Jemima Soria

Intake Specialist

I joined Jaskot Law in 2022 as an Intake Specialist. In my day to day, I am responsible for assisting potential clients with scheduling consultations with our attorneys based on the details of their case.

Here at Jaskot law, our mission is to help immigrants realize the American dream. One of the many ways I support our clients is by making their interactions run smoother. Figuring out what immigration paths are available can be extremely stressful for clients, so I love to create a more enjoyable experience for our clients and reassure them that our office is a safe environment for all regardless of their stories. As someone who is dedicated to having a career in social and human services, I believe that acts of kindness can make the world a happier place for everyone.


Diego Fioravante

Intake Specialist

I am Diego Fioravante and I am originally from Argentina. I joined Jaskot Law as an Intake Specialist in 2022. I have extensive work experience in customer-facing roles, having worked in various industries such as hospitality and retail.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, I am adept at communicating with clients from all walks of life and am committed to providing the highest level of customer service.I enjoy the challenge of finding solutions for clients’ needs and helping them achieve their goals. I believe that excellent customer service is essential to building long-lasting relationships between businesses and clients.

Aside from work, I am an avid reader who loves to get lost in a good book. I’m also a fitness enthusiast and enjoy going for long runs in my free time to keep myself healthy and energized. When I’m not reading or staying active, I also enjoy exploring new places and trying out new restaurants, always on the lookout for the best food my city has to offer.


Lucas Stinziano

Intake Specialist

I recently joined Jaskot Law as an Intake Specialist. Despite it being my first time working at a law firm, I have a strong background in sales. I’ve worked in real estate for a number of years, spending a significant amount of my time working for a B2B sales company. In doing so, I’ve learned that persistence is key to this role. By bringing all my knowledge to this position, I hope to contribute to Jaskot Law’s mission of helping people live the American dream.

Outside of work, I also attend programming school. Fun fact, I’m also a pilot! So if I’m not trying to code something awesome, you’ll probably find me flying.


Elizabeth Serrano (Liz)

In Memoriam

In loving memory of Liz, our remarkable legal secretary for over 5 years until her passing in February of 2021. She was originally from Los Angeles, California, but moved to Maryland to live with her family. Liz worked in the legal field for more than 30 years. Her indomitable spirit and unwavering character left an enduring mark on all who had the privilege of knowing her. With her strong will and fierce determination, she navigated the complexities of the legal world with grace and precision, earning the admiration of colleagues and clients alike as she created the foundation for the systems we have in place today. Her vibrant presence was matched only by the resounding strength of her voice, a voice that championed justice and equality at every turn. As we reflect on her life, let us remember her as a pillar of strength, a source of inspiration, and a true embodiment of fortitude. Though her physical presence may be gone, her powerful legacy and the echoes of her voice will forever resonate in our hearts.

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