Deportation Defense

Zealous, aggressive representation in removal proceedings. Our deportation defense lawyers are ready to help when needed.

Deportation is a complex stressful situation that nobody wants to experience, and we know that. Humanizing deportation and fighting against unlawful ones in an affordable way is a core principle of our organization. We help pending visa deportations, refugee deportations, and know how to deal with each one of these scenarios. We are ready to help, 24/7 and give you the deportation defense you deserve!

How are we able to achieve such amazing results?

Hard work and excellent case selection. We spend a ton of time working up our cases and do not stop until we win.

We are obsessed with Immigration Law and we work on strategies for our cases for years. We know how to work with experts and we have executed incredibly complex deportation defense strategies including 4th Amendment suppression and novel PSG’s. We put in the time staying current on Immigration Law and spend hours each week talking to each other about the best ways to win every case for every client.

We will do what it takes to prepare our witnesses and thinking about the best way to tell your story. We talk to witnesses in your home country in asylum cases. We talk to dozens of witnesses in your Cancellation of Removal case.

You deserve lawyers that will put in the time to win your case and we are that team.

0 %

of people facing deportation in Immigration court in 2019 were deported!

0 %

 of our clients facing deportation won their cases.

0 %

of our Asylum cases were granted.

We have never lost a Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Case.
We have never lost a Cancellation of Removal Case. 

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