Immigration Appeals

Don't take no for an answer

If you lost your immigration trial and are ready to appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals, we’d love to help.

Losing your immigration trial is not the end of the road. If the Board of Immigration Appeals didn’t accept your claim, and you are ready to go to the Circuit Court with your immigration appeal, we have experience and success winning cases at this level.

A high number of immigration judges are routinely reversed on immigration appeals and it is almost always a good idea to appeal your case before you give up.

We are ready and willing to fight denials and slow decisions from USCIS as well. You may have filed your own petition and are now fighting a “Request For Evidence.” Maybe you received the dreaded “Notice of Intent to Deny.” Do not despair. “No” does not mean no when you have capable counsel. We can file an immigration appeal to USCIS as well as take your case to federal court. We can also file a mandamus on your behalf is USCIS is taking too long to decide your case.

We often take cases over that were started by other law firms. Maybe you lost confidence in the firm you are working with because of how they are performing, maybe you just lost confidence because they were unable to get you the results you were looking for. In either circumstance, we are happy to step in and give you a second opinion or take the case over.

Not all immigration firms understand the intricacies of taking the fight to the next level, we are ready and willing.



We Can Provide Legal Support And Help Apply For A T-Visa For Victims Of Human Trafficking And Their Family.

Family Based Immigration

Let Us Help You With Family Based Immigration Processes. Bring Your Family To The United States Or Help Your Family Member That Is Already In The United States Change Their Status.


For Those Fleeing Their Country Of Origin, We Can Help Stop Refugee Deportation And Determine Whether You Are Eligible For Asylum In The United States Of America.

Frequently asked questions:

An immigration appeal is a process that allows a person who has been denied an immigration benefit or has had an adverse decision made against them by a USCIS officer or an immigration judge to ask a higher authority to review the decision. The appeal process involves filing a Notice of Appeal and a brief with the appropriate appellate body, which will then review the case and issue a decision.

Many types of immigration decisions can be appealed, including denials of visa applications, applications for asylum or other forms of relief, and deportation orders issued by immigration judges. In general, any decision made by an immigration officer or judge that has a negative impact on an individual's immigration status or eligibility can potentially be appealed.

The length of the appeals process can vary widely depending on the type of appeal, the appellate body involved, and other factors. In general, appeals can take several months to a year or more to be resolved. It's important to note that while an appeal is pending, the original decision remains in effect and the appellant may not be able to travel, work, or pursue other activities that would normally require immigration status.