Immigration Services

Our team of Immigration lawyers will help you
with any immigration need:

Child Inmigrants

We work with Child & Juvenile Immigration cases, helping protect those who have been abused, abandoned or have suffered negligence from one or two of their parents or legal guardians.

For those fleeing their country of origin, we can help stop refugee deportation and determine whether you are eligible for Asylum in the United States of America.

Let us help you with family based immigration processes. Bring your family to the United States or help your family member that is already in the United States change their status.

We can provide legal support and help apply for a T-Visa for victims of human trafficking and their family.

Many immigrants are victims of physical or mental abuse. We can help you apply for U-Visa and VAWA.

For green card holders who seek to apply, we will walk with you throughout the entire citizenship request process.

Zealous, aggressive representation in removal proceedings. We will give you the deportation defense you deserve!

The immigration system is complex and time-sensitive. We will accompany you through Visas / Status renewal processes and represent you in interviews.

If you lost your immigration trial and are ready to appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals, we can help you overturn your case.