Family Based Immigration

VISA I-130 | Family based immigration

A large part of the American Dream is sharing it with our family. We love helping US Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents to bring their families to the United States.

This process of family based immigration has become much harder under the Trump administration but we have a 100% acceptance rate with our family petitions over the last 5 years.

We leverage technology to speed up the process while offering affordable prices. We give honest answers on how long things will take. Doing it yourself or using a non-lawyer to complete these applications is too risky in the current environment.

Let us help you bring your family to the United States or help your family member that is already in the United States and now has an opportunity to change their status.

You are eligible to obtain permanent residence (green card) through family members if you are any of the following:

601(a) ProgramA new program of family based immigration that allows for the seeking of pardons for illegal entry into the US will begin to accept applications on the 29th of August, 2016. The three main points of this new program are the following:



I-130 + I-485




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