Ana Aguirre

Ana Aguirre

Professional Highlights:

  • Translator, writer, editor specialized in U.S. immigration law.
  • Advanced student of English as a Sworn Translator, specialized in legal and commercial translation.
  • Multicultural and trilingual approach, focused on English-Spanish translation and vice versa.

Experience and Professional Mission

Ana Aguirre is an advanced student of the National Sworn Translator’s Degree in English at the National University of Córdoba (Argentina) where she specializes in legal and commercial translation. She has worked as a translator and copywriter for several websites, creating relevant and reliable content for a variety of users.

In addition to her work in translation, Ana has worked as an English teacher for several years and has dedicated herself to making language an accessible tool for others, helping them to improve their language skills and abilities, as well as to apply for desired jobs.

Ana has allowed her passion for languages to shape and influence both her personal life and her interpersonal connections. She has extensive knowledge of French and is currently studying a fourth language. Additionally, Ana has traveled extensively outside, in and around Argentina, which has made it possible for her to participate in multicultural activities and to get to know diverse realities of people around the world. 

Her experience and expertise in Copywriting has led her to specialize in different areas, including U.S. immigration law and the challenges faced by Latino immigrants on a daily basis. It is for this very reason that she gathers and evaluates information for Jaskot Law and is committed to providing reliable and easy to understand informative content for those users and clients looking for answers.


Ana is currently finishing her degree while continuing to specialize in different areas of translation and teaching English. Her commitment to language keeps her in permanent contact with other cultures and social realities, which, in turn, encourages her to break down the barriers of misunderstanding between English and Spanish speakers, and vice versa.

In addition, her years of specialization in legal translation and her training in the area of U.S. immigration law mean that Ana is able and ready to produce and make available reliable information about the immigration processes that Latino immigrants may face, ensuring that they can count on the accompaniment they need in their own language.