Biden announces changes to the 2024 Visa Bulletin

In an effort to provide transparency and facilitate the process of obtaining permanent residency in the United States, significant changes to the 2024 visa bulletin were announced. These offer a clearer route for those who aspire to settle permanently in the country.

In this article, the Jaskot Law team will explore in detail the recent bulletin changes and new rules that directly impact the process of acquiring the coveted U.S. permanent residency. Keep on reading!

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    What is the visa bulletin?

    The Visa Bulletin is a monthly report issued by the Department of State. This document provides updated information on the availability of immigrant visas, categorized according to family and work preferences. Preferences are designed to regulate the equitable distribution of visas among different groups of applicants.

    The bulletin establishes priority dates, which indicate when applicants are eligible to move forward in the immigration process. It is a crucial tool for those seeking to obtain permanent residency, as it allows for informed planning for aspiring immigrants in the United States.

    A group of immigrants reading the new 2024 Visa Bulletin changes on a bulletin board.

    Changes to the 2024 Visa Bulletin

    As mentioned above, the recently announced adjustments to the U.S. Visa Bulletin have transformed the immigration landscape. Here we will present the modifications that have revolutionized the process towards permanent residency.

    Visa categories

    Crucial adjustments in the five main visa categories are on the horizon, from family members to refugees and/or asylum seekers. A new category will be introduced for essential workers in critical sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing. In addition, modifications to the existing categories are being explored to provide greater flexibility to applicants.

    Reduction of Green Cards

    In fiscal year 2024, it is estimated that the government will distribute 165,000 green cards, marking a significant decrease from the 197,000 granted in 2023. This change may have notable repercussions on those who aspire to permanent residency.

    Additional programs

    In addition to changes in visas, adjustments are anticipated in key programs such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the Temporary Protected Status (TPS). These changes will offer more options and flexibility to those seeking to immigrate to the United States.

    Time optimization

    Staffing levels at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to reduce visa processing times. to reduce visa processing times. This measure is intended to expedite decisions on visa applications.

    By understanding these anticipated changes, applicants can prepare themselves in a more informed manner in an ever-changing immigration landscape. If you need additional help, remember that the team at Jaskot Law has the necessary tools to provide it.

    Tips for dealing with the changes in the Visa Bulletin

    Faced with these significant changes, it is important to know how to prepare yourself. Here are four essential aspects to consider when changes to the visa bulletin are announced:

    • Visa category: immediately evaluate any changes in the availability of visas in your specific category, as limited quotas may be altered.
    • Priority dates: keep an eye on these dates, as any progress or setbacks on these dates may accelerate or delay your case.
    • Immediate action: if your priority date has become current, be prepared to file additional forms, complete medical exams or prepare for interviews.
    • Up-to-date documentation: check your documentation to make sure everything is complete and up to date to avoid delays or complications.
    Group of people reading the changes announced by the government for the 2024 Visa Bulletin.


    In conclusion, the changes in the 2024 Visa Bulletin and the new rules for permanent residency in the United States outline a clearer and more efficient path to the American dream. By adopting an informed strategy, each applicant can take advantage of streamlining and flexibility measures.

    With a meticulous approach, applicants can maximize their chances of success. In addition, with the specialized advice of immigration attorneys, such as the team at Jaskot Law, you will be able to navigate these adjustments with efficiency and peace of mind.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if my priority date is not current on the Visa Bulletin?

    If your priority date is not current, you must wait until the Visa Bulletin indicates that your date has become current to proceed with your visa application.

    Can I apply for a visa if my category indicates “U” in the bulletin?

    If a “U” appears, it means “not available”. You cannot apply for a visa in a category so marked until the bulletin indicates that visas are available.

    What is the difference between the Visa Bulletin for immigrant and non-immigrant visas?

    The Visa Bulletin only applies to immigrant visas, which are for permanent residence. Non-immigrant visas are handled separately and are not subject to these priority dates.