Can I leave the United States if I have a VAWA visa?

The VAWA, or Violence Against Women Act, is a crucial tool that offers protection to those who suffer domestic violence. However, it is normal that the question “can I leave the country with a VAWA visa?” arises when planning a possible trip abroad.

If you have this visa and plan to travel outside the country, there are certain essential procedures and documents that you should be aware of to avoid unnecessary complications. Here, Jaskot Law will explain everything you need to know to make a smooth and safe exit.

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    Can I leave the country with a VAWA visa?

    Yes, it is possible to travel outside the United States with a VAWA visa, but there are certain requirements you must meet before doing so. These include obtaining the Travel Authorization Document or Advanced Parole.

    Advanced Parole, also known as Form I-131, is a document issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This document is vital for VAWA visa holders who wish to travel out of the country and return without losing their immigration status in the United States.

    can I leave the country with a vawa visa

    I can leave the country with a travel permit for VAWA, but what documents do I need?

    When traveling outside the United States with a VAWA visa, it is crucial that you carry certain documents with you to avoid problems at customs or other complications. These documents include the following:

    • Valid Passport: Make sure your passport is valid for the entire period of your trip. It is advisable that it have at least six months of validity remaining from the date of your scheduled return.
    • Travel document (Advanced Parole): Carry with you the travel document issued by the USCIS. This document is essential for re-entering the United States after your trip.
    • Additional Identification Documents: You may be required to show other identification documents, such as a valid driver’s license or a national identification card from your country of origin.
    • Proof of Relationship to VAWA Applicant: If you are a dependent child of a VAWA applicant, bring with you documents that prove your relationship, such as birth certificates and adoption papers, if applicable.

    It is important to have each of these documents, with particular emphasis on the travel document, to ensure a smooth departure and re-entry into the country. The team of Jaskot Law is at your disposal if you need help to collect them and obtain positive results.

    Requirements to apply for the Advanced Parole or Travel Document

    Before applying for Advanced Parole, it is important to meet certain essential requirements. These requirements include, among others, the following aspects:

    VAWA Visa Eligibility
    Only VAWA visa holders are eligible to apply for a travel permit for VAWA. It is imperative to have a valid visa of this type before starting the application process.
    Submit a complete application
    You must complete the USCIS Form I-131 accurately and thoroughly. Any errors or omissions may result in delays in processing your application.
    Processing time
    Processing time varies, but it is generally advisable to apply at least 90 days in advance of your planned travel date. Plan ahead to avoid time complications.
    Provide documentary evidence
    Attach documentary evidence supporting your need to travel outside the United States. This may include valid family, educational or employment reasons. The more relevant information you provide, the stronger your application will be.
    Payment of fees
    Fees associated with the application for a travel permit for VAWA are required. Be sure to pay all required fees according to current USCIS guidelines to avoid problems with your application.
    Young person leaving the United States after getting answers to the question "can I leave the country with the VAWA visa?".
    After getting answers to the question “Can I leave the country with a VAWA visa?”, it is essential to obtain the travel document, so carefully review the application requirements.

    Tips for a safe travel with the VAWA visa

    1. Take out travel insurance:

    Consider purchasing travel insurance to cover medical emergencies and other unforeseen events during your stay abroad.

    2. Know your local laws:

    Research the laws and regulations of the country you will be visiting, especially those related to immigration and domestic violence. Being aware of your rights and responsibilities is essential to avoid legal problems.

    3. Register your trip:

    Register your trip with the U.S. embassy or consulate in the country you will be visiting. This will facilitate communication in case of emergency and provide you with consular assistance if necessary.

    4. Keep copies of your documents:

    Make copies of all your important documents, including your passport, travel permit for VAWA, and additional identification documents. Keep copies in a safe place separate from the originals.

    We understand that this is a short list of essential tips to keep in mind before leaving the country on a VAWA visa. For this reason, do not hesitate to contact the team at Jaskot Law, as they will provide you with the additional advice you need.


    In short, the answer to the question “Can I leave the country with a VAWA visa?” is yes, it is possible. However, proper planning and understanding of the processes and requirements involved is required.

    By following the proper guidelines and keeping all documents in order, you can enjoy your travel while under VAWA status. Remember that each situation is unique, so it is critical to seek specific legal guidance if you have questions or concerns. The team of Jaskot Law can help you.



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I leave the country without a travel document if I have a VAWA visa?

    No, it is essential to obtain a travel permit for VAWA before leaving the United States. Without this document, you could lose your immigration status or suffer other consequences when attempting to re-enter the country.

    How long does it take to obtain Advanced Parole?

    Processing time for Advanced Parole can vary, but it is generally advisable to apply at least 90 days in advance of your intended travel date.

    Can I apply for a travel permit for VAWA after I have left the country?

    It is not recommended to leave the country before obtaining the travel document, as there are numerous risks you may face during your departure. It is crucial to request this document before planning any travel outside the United States.

    Can I travel to any country with Advanced Parole?

    Yes, you can travel to any country with this travel permit, but be sure to research the visa requirements of the country you plan to travel to and obtain the appropriate visa if necessary.