What happens with the Immigration Reform in the Senate? Will it go into effect in 2023?

It is increasingly difficult to understand what is happening with Immigration Reform after the bipartisan discussions in the Senate. Is there still hope?

Bipartisan groups are again mobilizing within the Senate to give 2022 immigration reform one last chance to pass. Authorities seeking a positive end to the reform are hurrying their efforts to reach a decision before the end of the year, given that the next legislature would complicate everything.

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We still do not know everything that is happening inside the Senate regarding the reform.

Immigration Reform would mean that thousands of undocumented immigrants living in the United States would have the opportunity to adjust their status, reside and work legally in the country. In this respect, Joe Biden has made multiple promises on his behalf since the beginning of his campaign for the presidential candidacy, but bipartisan fights, opponents, and political and economic interests stood in the way of his endorsement.

Now, to the question “What about 2022 Immigration Reform?” there are many possible answers and outcomes. At Jaskot Law, we’ll tell you what we know about the closed door discussions in the Senate, the future alternatives for the reform, and much more.

What is the Senate’s plan?

Those members of the House of Representatives who are in favor of the reform that would change the lives of millions of people in the country are speeding up the procedures and discussions in the Senate so that the measure can be approved before the end of the year. The reform plan is to integrate the path to citizenship for dreamers or DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) beneficiaries, as well as Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders.

The leading representatives in the effort to get it passed are Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona), and Republican Thomas Tillis (North Carolina). Both were hard at work seeking votes in favor of their colleagues, united as a bipartisan group despite their differences. On the other hand, it is important to clarify that they are not under the leadership or direction of the political parties they represent, but there are instead intra-Senate conversations among the same officials.

What we do know is that for now, the representatives have not yet been able to get the 10 Republican votes needed to add the remaining 50 on the bench to the 60 needed to make immigration reform law.

2022 Immigration Reform: When does it take effect?

Today, there are already two bills passed in the House of Representatives that would allow a Green Card to be issued to approximately six million undocumented immigrants. However, it is uncertain to the public if this is indeed the plan under discussion.

On the other hand, it is not a minor fact that the Senate also passed the so-called Registration Act, which sought to benefit some 8 million immigrants. Also, there is still no word on the matter, or whether these measures will be further developed as part of the reform.

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Votes are being won, others lost, but efforts to pass the measure persist.

Many are hoping for a positive result from Senator Sinema and her power to convince the Republican Party to support reform. Although she belongs to the Democratic Party, she has great influence and is well accepted by his Republican colleagues.

Little is still known about what is happening with immigration reform, but discussions are taking place behind closed doors, and the debates are fiery. In any case, we will have secured answers before the end of the year.

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