Visa Bulletin October 2022: What does it include?

USCIS has already released the latest visa bulletin for October 2022, where you can see the new changes in immigrant visas and new dates for filing applications.

The U.S. Department of State published the latest 2022 visa bulletin on its official website. This bulletin has everything you need to know about the duration, processing, and changes in immigrant visas.

The document is published monthly on the website, and the visa bulletin for October 2022 is already available there. If you are in the process of applying for any type of visa, you should go to this page to know everything about the status of the application.

At Jaskot Law, we always recommend reviewing this documentation on a regular basis. Every immigrant should know what it is, where it can be found, and how to read it in order to navigate their migratory processes correctly and successfully.

What is the visa bulletin?

The Visa Bulletin is a public interest document published monthly by the Department of State (DOS) and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that clarifies, as a guide, the dates by which permanent residency or adjustment of status can be obtained, depending on when the document was applied for.

The dates taken for the different types of immigration procedures submitted are reported there, as well as the “priority dates” and possible changes in the priority of these procedures.

Each date and specification in the bulletin is intended to show the visa categories in relation to the particular conditions of the recipient of the document. According to these indications, dates, number of visas available, and priority are established.

Who should consult it regularly?

Anyone who has made a family petition of a U.S. citizen or legal resident, or an employment-related petition, should consult the visa bulletin on a regular basis. This includes the spouse and children of residents, unmarried children over 21 years of age, married children, and siblings of citizens.

This monthly bulletin check is particularly important because there is a cap on the number of immigrant visas issued annually by the DOS, and approval is often delayed. Therefore, all waiting immigrants should log on to the website and check the visa bulletin to see the status of their processing dates so as not to miss a single one of their movements. So, regularly reviewing this document can save your immigration status.

Those who have filed a family petition should always check the visa bulletin.

How to read the latest 2022 visa bulletin?

The visa bulletin for October 2022 has very important dates on changes in immigration procedures and visa issuance. It has three important sections:

  • Processing and issuance of visas for family-based cases.
  • Processing and issuance of visas for work-based cases.
  • Information about the visa lottery for 2023.

Where a letter “C” is placed, this means that the category is available and new applications may be submitted regardless of the priority date marked in the table. On the other hand, where a letter “U” is highlighted, it means that the filing of applications is not available nor is it in the priority line.

To access the visa bulletin for October 2022, you must access the official DOS website. Then, depending on the type of immigrant visa you have requested, you must go to the corresponding table and look up your data based on your country and priority date.

Jaskot Law can help you file new applications at the right time and place, with all the relevant documentation, so that you get a successful case and you can fix your immigration status.