Continuous launching of new TPS: Biden’s pro-immigrant toolkit

Continuously extending and launching a new TPS has been the government’s way of dodging bipartisan conflicts.

Since Temporary Protected Status (TPS) does not require congressional approval, Joe Biden’s administration has been using it as a resource for the past two years.

Since the beginning of his campaign, Biden and the rest of his administration have positioned themselves in favor of the immigrant community as opposed to the Trump Era. They promised immigration reform, a path to citizenship for dreamers, the demolition of the border wall, and more humane treatment of foreigners.

New TPS have changed the lives of thousands of people

However, many, if not most, of their plans were thwarted by political conflicts of interest within Congress and between officials of both parties. Decision-making, and the search for consensus between Republicans and Democrats, have been very difficult in recent times. This is so especially during the pandemic that hit the Administration, which was the result of Zero-tolerance policies such as Title 42.

However, despite major obstacles along the way, Biden and his team have somehow managed to overcome them, and grant migrants relief by means of constantly extending and launching newer TPS. That has been the Administration’s strategy to avoid bringing to court old and new immigration policies that could be jeopardized by bipartisan fights.

Do you still have doubts regarding the Biden administration’s strategy to avoid further conflicts and its consequences? At Jaskot Law, we’ll tell you how the government has achieved it, what are the requirements for TPS, and the details about the extension of 2023 El Salvador TPS, and the new extension of TPS for Venezuelans.

What is the importance of TPS?

This program is intended for those foreigners who are unable to return safely to their respective countries of origin. Among the causes of such inability may be issues related to politics, economics, natural disasters, among others.

Besides, it allows them to live and work in the United States legally for a period of 18 months, with the possibility of extension. This is how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provides daily immigration relief to hundreds of thousands of people who need it most.

Evading Congress

Despite the fact that Congress will never reach an agreement, and even though Republican states continue to make new demands on pro-immigration policies, TPS serves as a tool to overcome both situations. Over two years, the Biden administration managed to double the number of people eligible for TPS from 411,326 in January 2021 to 986,881 today.

In fact, the authority to extend TPS resides with Joe Biden, and he has not hesitated to use that power. Right now, there is an extension of TPS for Venezuelans, and also of TPS for El Salvador in 2023. In addition, new TPS were included for Haiti, Honduras, Ukraine, Nepal, among many others.

new tps
New TPS were included for Haiti, Honduras, Ukraine, Nepal, among many others.

While during the Trump Era every attempt was made to cancel Temporary Protected Status, during the Biden Era, it has not stopped being in force. Now, with elections looming and the inevitable impact of the Republican sector within the House of Representatives, the administration is urged to take dire actions.

While TPS does not offer long-term stability or citizenship, it is important that new programs continue to be launched to keep the thousands of immigrants who benefit from it afloat. At Jaskot Law, we have a team of attorneys specializing in immigration cases. If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.