The 2024 Visa Lottery is Launched

What you need to know about this green card lottery called the 2024 visa lottery.

From October 5 through November 8, 2022, there is time to register and participate in the 2024 visa lottery. More than 55,000 immigrants will be able to win this green card lottery, and automatically obtain their permanent residency for free.

The government, in tandem with the Department of State (DOS), will keep the windows open for all interested parties to come forward to participate, and also warned to be very careful with scammers. Participating in the visa lottery is free, and the green card lottery is random, which means that whoever guarantees you a residency for a fee is definitely a scammer.

Jaskot Law tells you what it is, how to participate, and the most common requirements and mistakes when applying for the visa lottery. Read on with us!

How many immigrants participate?

The number of participants in the visa lottery is increasing every year, with millions giving the lottery a chance. In 2021, some 6,741,128 million immigrants from all five continents participated in the lottery. This year, and with the increased migration flow breaking an all-time record, that number is expected to potentially increase.

What are the requirements to participate in the visa lottery?

In principle, those interested in participating should check whether their country of origin is on the list of authorized nations. Then, if they have the required level of education (high school), and if they have two years or more of work experience in the country (within a five-year period) in a qualified job according to the parameters of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL).

It is important to know that a disqualification from the green card lottery is possible if there is any kind of error in the submitted application. That is why it is recommended that applicants pay special attention to the form filled out online to enter the contest, and review everything a couple of times. Don’t let a small mistake ruin such an opportunity.

Winning the visa lottery can radically change an immigrant’s life.

What kind of mistakes are usually made in the application?

Most commonly, there are errors related to forgetting to include a family member or spouse in the application or in the electronic form. Also, people often make mistakes when indicating the country of origin on the form. On the other hand, the 2024 visa lottery (and all of them, for that matter) only admits a single application per contestant.

These mistakes mean immediate disqualification from the visa lottery, so be careful!

How much does it cost to apply for the lottery?

The visa lottery is free! The State Department repeats this over and over again due to the thousands of cases of people scammed by someone who asked them for money to get them to participate.

While there are lawyers and clerks who offer their services to assist with the application, it is critical to choose them carefully.

How do I know if I won?

Winners of the visa lottery are notified by means of a letter sent by the State Department through the postal mail, approximately around May of next year, 2023. The same letter explains how to proceed with the process and obtain the green card.

If I do not have immigration papers, can I participate?

Unfortunately, those who do not have the necessary documentation to be in the country, even if they win the visa lottery, will not be able to receive the benefit. Once they leave the U.S. for the consular interview and re-enters, the full penalty law will apply, and they will be deported.

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