What will happen to the DACA 2022 program? Will the long-awaited reform arrive?

Immigrant rights activists and recipients of the DACA 2022 program gathered in DC this week to urge lawmakers to prioritize immigration reform. Now, Democratic authorities are engaged in tough negotiations.

In the context of the so-called lame-duck session, a congressional meeting is taking place. With the results of the recent elections still fresh and Republicans ready to take control of the House in January, the Democratic Party is rushing to introduce immigration legislation that protects the so-called Dreamers.

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    What is happening with DACA 2022?

    DACA was introduced by the Obama administration a decade ago. The program allows young minors who came to the United States with their parents to obtain special temporary residency status, if they meet certain requirements.

    For several years, the DACA 2022 program has been in legal limbo, caught in the middle of bipartisan struggles. One of the main debates regarding the future of the program revolves around whether Dreamers will ultimately be granted permanent citizenship or the policy will be eliminated altogether.

    What happens with DACA 2022 in Congress?

    The DACA program has always been characterized by its instability. Since its establishment, it has enabled some 800,000 young migrants to regularize their immigration status.

    But it was always threatened, generating uncertainty about the protection it offers to its beneficiaries. The DACA program is constantly under attack by the courts , making it difficult for young beneficiaries to plan their lives in the medium and long term.

    In light of this situation, and in view of the change of political authorities in the House of Representatives that will take place in the coming months, the Democratic authorities are engaged in arduous negotiations to defend the DACA 2022 program.

    What is the Biden administration doing to protect DACA?

    Although Joe Biden was the nation’s vice president when DACA was implemented and has been in favor of the program, DACA has been on the negotiating table for years, with no final agreement on it.

    Taking advantage of the lame-duck session, the Democrats are attempting to secure the approval of a measure that will pave the way for new legislation. In doing so, they intend to secure a path to citizenship for Dreamers before their party loses its majority in Congress.

    DACA has been on the negotiating table for years without any final agreement.

    The outlook is not promising. Members of the Democratic Party need to be able to count on at least 10 members of the Republican Party in favor of the citizenship provided by the DACA 2022 program so that young migrants do not lose their benefits.


    What to expect from the bipartisan agreement?

    The control gained in the midterm elections by the Republican Party for the House of Representatives means that the USA will have a “government divided” when the new representatives take office.

    Republicans won a slim majority, but enough to stall President Biden’s agenda. This could mean two years of political confrontation.

    As far as the DACA 2022 program is concerned, what we can assume is that a lot of hard work is currently being done within the House to review measures and regulations.

    In order to secure these necessary 10 supporters, Democratic Party leaders have begun negotiating and engaging in deep discussions within the Senate. Regarding this matter, Dick Durbin, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, stated that he already has 4 or 5 Republican senators willing to support the program, but it is still not enough.

    What does the future hold for the DACA 2022 program?

    While both the Republican and Democratic parties have shown solidarity with the thousands of Dreamers, this has not meant that common ground has been reached.

    As usual for these types of cases, it may take months or years before we have a definitive resolution. It is difficult to predict how the matter will end. But now is the time to do so, before the end of the year, when the change of representatives will prevent further negotiations.

    However, there is still hope for the future of citizenship for the dreamers. The law office of Jaskot Law will keep you up to date on future changes and news about DACA in particular and other immigration laws in general. Stay tuned to our blog!